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how to knit cable by bungaloe
materials: any size knitting needles, yarn, cable needles...
Baby Leg Warmers Baby, It's Cold Outside :: A Baby Leg Warmer How-To!
by WindowsofAgate
1 set of US #2 double-pointed needles, ingerling yarn in two colors...
Paper Crafts

Four hole binding

A Four-Hole Binding How-to
by MiniatureRhino
materials: papers, thread, heavy weight needle, awl, binder clip, cardboard, ruler, embellishments - photo corners, pictures, paper scraps…
Boxes Decorating Gift Boxes with Vintage Holiday Seals and Beautiful Paper by TheCraftarium
vintage holiday seals, glue, paper...
Sewing tote T-Shirt Bag banner
  Upcycled Book Tote by Jantar
materials: pair of jean, thread, scissors or rotary cutter, measuring tape, needle, embroidery floss, buttons, fabric pencil, sewing machine, cutting mat, ruler...
NYC T-Shirt Bag
by Luckx4
NYC T-shirt. A scrap of red fabric (knit or woven) approximately 5"x9", a scrap of interfacing the size of the heart on the T-shirt, A needle & thread, pins, an embroidery hoop, access to an iron and a sewing machine
Cabin Fever Project #2: The T-Shirt Book Cover
by BeadScarf
t-shirt, book, scissors, tailor's chalk/pencil, tape measure, straight pins, needle + thread...
Cabin Fever Project #1: The Fabric Banner by BeadScarf
logo in digital format, image editing application, printer, felt, fabric, pins, scissors, needle + thread or a sewing machine, liquid stitch...
  waterbottle hats    
  Make Your Own Hot Water Bottle Cozy by LoveForever
large turtleneck sweater, fabric scissors, tailor's chalk, yarn scraps, yarn needle, sewing machine, straight pins
Upcycle How-To: Holey Sweater Hats, Batman!
by ikyoto
old sweater, scissors, n eedle and thread...
Christmas Craft Tutorials Hardware Star Hardware Star by Groundsel
materials: 20 gauge or slightly thicker wire. I used copper wire from the hardware store, wire cutter, pliers, decorations
Cristmas crafting Crafting with Christmas Scraps by paperelle
materials: circle hole punch (any symmetric shape will work), ribbon, a glue stick, 2 greeting cards and an envelope liner...
Halloween Craft Tutorials coasters wings spider  
  Coaster How-To
by KimmChi
sheets of felt, scissors or craft/exacto knife, embroidery floss in a bright color + needle..
How To Make Wings for your Halloween Costume
by KarensMonsters
wire hangers, scissors, panty hose (any color), glitter, glue, paint, decorations: fur, feathers, sequins, whatever you have, elastic, felt, fur, or other thick fabric, sewing machine (optional)
Black Widow Bling**
by Luckx4
Spider pattern, scraps of black fabric,big scraps of netting or lace, 2 beads or sequins, flat-head bobby pin, small amount of cotton/stuffing, needle & thread, hot glue gun (or other strong craft glue)...